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  • It is short sighted to promote sportsmen as the role models for the youth of a country.

    The list is nearly endless, and it covers every sport you can think of.[5] Whether we're talking about Steven Lee deliberately missing shots in snooker, referee Tim Donaghy betting on games he officiated in in the NBA, Damien Oliver's betting on another horse he was up against, or Hansie Cronje's numerous match fixing convictions in cricket, the big picture is that it's pervasive and it makes the concept of fair play look dim. However, this wasn't the focus of any news story where he was featured. http://www.couriermail.com.au/sport/more-sports/we-list-the-worst-betting-scandals-in-world-sport-including-our-own-damien-oliver/story-fnii0hmo-1226721051569 Moreover, sports is a beneficial hobby.

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