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  • Who's better? Mario or Sonic

    Also sonic is a dumb hedghog who apperently paul walker and trying to seem like hes so fast even though he can out run him he doseint have the skill like mario R.I.P Paul Walker take a moment of silence.

  • Harrasing Celebrities

    Another example of strange to me was when Paul Walker passed away (Fast & Furious actor) it flooded the news like a plague but when a world Icon like Nelson Mandela passed away he didn't get near that kind of coverage, nor does the mass murders that happen in other countries. I do feel strongly that though we are debating over this harassment the celebrities don't mind because if they did then by now some legal steps would have been taken. The celebrities are quite a powerful lot and if they fight strongly enough I am sure the law would be beside them.


  • Are celebrity role models good?

    Between Miley Cyrus twerking and Paul Walker's tragic death in a car race along a California road, Hollywood celebrities shouldn't be idolized for their spoiled, rich lives that everyone wants to emulate.


  • RIP Paul Walker

    Paul Walker dies in car accident. See here for details: was a beautiful man.

  • Solipsism

    Crap.Hey, stop trying to justify your bum-f*cking through me fgtI just pull this stuff off the top of my head i'm f*cking geniussomeone make a joke about paul walker.....uh, too fast too dead LOLahh f*ckrip paul walker, your death depresses me thoroughly: At 12/5/2013 11:32:48 AM, AnDoctuir wrote: : Hey, stop trying to justify your bum-f*cking through me fgt It's our bum-f*, I don't think it is.So lip system...

Frequently Asked Questions about Paul Walker

  • Q:
    What is the height of Paul Walker?
  • A:
    He is 6 feet, 3 inches tall.
  • Q:
    Which popular TV show starred Paul Walker?
  • A:
    Paul Walker acted in the popular show "Throb."
  • Q:
    Where was Paul Walker born?
  • A:
    Paul Walker was born in Glendale.
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