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  • Death Note: Near's Defeat of Light Yagami Was A Fluke.

    While Watari did delete all the specific data, L's actions had led Near up to a point where he had a good idea of how Kira killed, and some of the details of his identity (after Light became L, which would've never happened had Near been the original L, it allowed Near to have strong contact with him, and gave him grounds for suspicion against Light Yagami when he found out that Soichiro Yagami had threatened to kill L's prime suspect and then himself, among other things that directly involved L). psssh Near didn't even have a real reason to suspect Lol I know.

  • Muslims are more violent than followers of other large religions.

    They were the prime suspects in the assassination of Alex Odeh [6], fired a machine gun into a mosque [7], and have been attributed as the ones behind many various arsons and bombings.


  • Do we need a new independent investigation of 9/11?

    There are far too many suspects that were members of our government that haven't been brought to justice: Rumsfeld and Cheney are clear prime suspects.

  • Should suspects' names not be revealed to the public until found guilty?

    And when the suspect is found not guilty they probably don't believe it and hurt or kill the suspect, because they believe he deserves it. Prime suspect's names should be revealed to the public This should be done because of the following reasons: 1) Raise awareness to the public - especially in local news 2) Perhaps bring forward other victims of the same crime (eg. The problem is that many people strongly believe that the suspect is guilty, even though they have no evidence to justify that.


  • FBI: Reality Is Not Real

    That's the key to who's the prime suspect(s) here. to the Infowars article itself: <strong>The FBI has attempted to blacklist photos</strong> What evidence does Infowars have that the FBI has attempted to blacklist photos? <strong> "other photos will not be deemed credible."</strong> This wasn't the full FBI quote.

  • Justice requested

    Call me crazy, but This is way too obvious for him not to realize he'd be the prime suspect. Call me crazy, but This is way too obvious for him not to realize he'd be the prime suspect.

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