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  • Should the Queen abdicate?

    This is about queen beatrix of the netherlands who recently abdicated in favor of her son, willem-alexander of the house of orange-nassau not britain's queen Ok guys, I realize that older, aristocratic, European Queens can look vaguely similar- the carefully coiffered hair, the understated couture, the priceless brooch pinned to the shoulder - but come on guys, Queen Elizabeth II is a global icon who has probably been photographed, imaged and televised more than any living human being.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    What famous people were born in Queens?
  • A:
    Famous people born in Queens include:
    - Jon Busch
    - Ellen Michaels
    - Miriam Gonzalez
    - Charles Camarda
    - Dennis Tito
    - Adrienne Shelly
    - Raymond Kurzweil
  • Q:
    Where are interesting places to visit in the city of Queens?
  • A:
    Tourist attractions include:
    - Jamaica
    - Astoria
    - Lefrak City
    - Sunnyside Gardens
    - Queensbridge Houses
    - Walden Terrace
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