Reign of Terror

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  • French Revolution Nessisary

    The reign of terror.

  • Dictatorship is best political system

    He also initiated what is known as "The Reign of Terror" " To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is barbarity. "I challenge you o give me one valid reason why dictatorship under a smart dictator would fail" Maximilien Robespierre was quite intelligent, before the reign of Napoleon, Robespierre was dictator in all but name; he ran the country.



  • Flying Banhammers?

    I feel like I'm in Robespierre's DDO Reign of Terror.All of the punishments everyone got were well deserved, except it could have been a little harder on Caploxion.It's a conspiricy.Previously the ban policy was pretty lax, you were only temp-banned if you caused a huge uproar and permabanned usually after a tempban. I feel like I'm in Robespierre's DDO Reign of Terror.

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