Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

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Game Overview

Taking note from the movie industry, video game companies have begun to understand the storytelling advantages of prequels. Considering the lengthy history involved with the Resident Evil story line, it was only natural that Capcom create its first prequel with Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

The Bottom Line

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for Gamecube is a direct port of the PlayStation survival horror classic, based on the marginally enhanced Dreamcast re-release. This third title in Capcom's saga of terror begins just hours before Resident Evil 2, and exists as a sort of side game (or sequel/prequel, depending on how you look at it). Jill Valentine, special S.T.A.R.S. operative, reprises her role as the hunted. The faceless evil of the Umbrella Corporation is loose on the streets in the form of genetically mutated undead, and Jill is trapped in the city. The object is simple: avoid becoming a zombie entree and get out of Raccoon City! You'll have difficult decisions to make along the way; decisions that affect the course of the game. Fight your way through the twisting story to face of with title character Nemesis.

Expert Reviews

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An incredibly dated port, and the fact that it retails for as much as a game made within the last year is quite despicable.

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The gameplay design is still as brilliant as it ever was on the PSX, but the overall package is not even close to earning its sticker price.

Game Features

• More zombies, more terror, and even more evil.

Game Specs

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ESRB Game Ratings

ESRB Rating of "M"
This game is Rated: Mature
Content is most suitable for persons ages 17 and up. This game is likely to contain violence and blood, suggestive themes, or strong language.
Content Descriptors:
Blood and Gore, Violence
Game Info
Platform:Nintendo Gamecube
Release Date:1/15/2003
Developer:Capcom Production Studio 3
ESRB Rating:M

Recent Customer Reviews

Get the CHILL from the Nemesis!!!

I think the game satisfactory and 3rd person 3D shooter games lover would be happy to play a game...
Published 3817 days ago by mehedi

Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis: Attack of the Re-Releases! (TDOH Write-Off)

Wait for the price to go down on this one before buying.
Published 3833 days ago by jeremy1456

Just stay away from this city. You'll lose your life and money!

"It's the same game!"
Published 3985 days ago by StarSoldier1

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