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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    What time zone is Reykjavik in?
  • A:
    This region is in the Greenwich Mean Time.
  • Q:
    Where are interesting places to visit in Reykjavik?
  • A:
    Popular destinations include:
    - University of Iceland
    - Esja
    - Tjörnin
    - Laugardalsvöllur
    - Reykjavík University
  • Q:
    Who are some famous people that were born in Reykjavik?
  • A:
    Famous people born in Reykjavik include:
    - Jóhannes Helgason
    - Bjarni Tryggvason
    - Eggert Jonsson
    - Brynjar Gunnarsson
    - Ívar Ingimarsson
    - Magnus Magnusson
    - Gunnar Hansen
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