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  • Call of Duty/Halo Ps3/Xbox 360?

    Xbox 360 doesn't last longer, the red ring of death is famous.

  • The PS3 is a better system than the X-Box 360.

    My opponent stated this to belittle the "Red Ring Of Death" he said, "Aside from the "Red Rings of Death" that Microsoft went through with the system failures, the overall experience has not been greatly affected." I would like to emphasis that based on Microsoft's console numbers of 17.7 million consoles sold (Microsoft's official sold into retail numbers through December 2007), that would mean that there are 2,902,800 defective consoles sold since the Xbox 360 released. My opponent stated this "It is true that the Red Rings of Death caused a much greater amount of system failures, but it is also true that the Xbox has twice as many systems sold." Do you realize that the RRD (Red Ring of Death) hasn't been cured? Reports are coming in for the "updated" version of the Xbox 360 that say the "Red Ring of Death" is still a problem.


  • Is PS3 better than XBox360?

    Also there is the "Red Ring of Death" which Xbox developers still haven't fixed. The PlayStation 3 is superior to the XBox 360 for the following reasons: The PS3 has free, typically very strong and reliable online connections, the PS3 never has the "Red Ring of Death," commonly found on the XBox 360., and the PS3's exclusive games outmatch Microsoft's console any day of the week. Also the ps3 does not have the red ring of death and it doesn't have the connectivity issues like the Xbox.

  • Is PC gaming better than Playstation or Xbox gaming?

    PC gaming is cheaper in the long run and better Gaming consoles are around 500 bucks and I'm sure many of us remember the Yellow Light of Death for the PS3 because over heating from extended game play and same fro the Xbox 360 console with the Three Red Ring of Death.



  • Wii vs. PS3 vs. X360

    Oh yeah, and no RED RING OF DEATH. I wouldn't have stopped playing Super Smash Bros Brawl months ago if not for the fact that I didn't lag to death in every other match.

  • PS3 lovers

    360 can get red rings of death alot easier and sooner than the ps3 will get the yellow light of death. My son has expressed strong interest in Xbox. It's a pretty strong deciding factor.: At 12/8/2010 1:08:51 PM, lewis20 wrote: : playing with all my friends online was the only reason I got an xbox 360 when it came out.

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