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  • Would humanity be better if globally united?

    Lack of satisfaction causes ripples among the masses & thus imperfect beings can never accomplish anything Yes If no one fought each other or was against each other, then we wouldn't be nuking each other or hurting each other.


  • Light is a ripple in the pool of space time.

    In general however when someone is attempting such a comment, it is almost always the case they heard something and are repeating it to sound clever and the best way to handle it is to repeat it in kind but be even more indirect, something similar to : "But is not space-time itself simply ripples in the ocean that is consciousness?" alluding that what we perceive as the universe is simply a forced creation due to our limited ability to sense what exists.

  • Should the disabled have human rights?

    I'm sure all of us occasionally refer to people with disabilities as spazzers, raspberry ripples, flids, nutters, window-lickers and so on, but I'm also sure we all really believe that cripples and retards should be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve, and certainly, they should be entitled to the same human rights that are afforded to sane, able-bodied people.

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