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  • Offshore Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) - Should it be banned?

    The South Ellwood oil field is close to the coast and could contaminate the Santa Barbara beaches for some time without detection. Any fracking fluids injected into wells offshore could travel through natural fractures already in the rocks into the ocean waters. - Approximately half the oil platforms in federal waters in the Santa Barbara Channel discharge all or a portion of their wastewater directly to the ocean, according to a California Coastal Commission document. - Oil saturated the Santa Barbara Channel and washed ashore before the well at Platform A was capped - yet even after the well was capped, oil continued to seep up steadily through fractures in the ocean floor for several years.

  • Deepwater offshore drilling is in the best interest of the United States ] Those most familiar with the spill, "the citizens of Santa Barbara support more drilling, with 63 percent in favor of expanded drilling and just 29 percent opposed." [2. Con claims that Santa Monica, CA spill proves how terrible an oil spill is. Bacteria ate the methane, ethane, and propane from the Gulf spill, having a strong mitigating effect.


  • Does daylight savings time have any purposeful advantage in today's business or cultural world?

    University of California Santa Barbara economists calculated that Indiana’s move to statewide daylight saving time in 2006 led to a 1-percent rise in residential electricity use through additional demand for air conditioning on summer evenings and heating in early spring and late fall mornings.

  • Does there need to be stricter laws for gun control?

    I'm a student at Santa Barbara High School. People with guns may cause some trouble for the society; however, people without guns can make the government stronger and stronger, just look at the situation in China where people are treated brutally and unfairly. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people." I strongly believe that a gun helps.



  • That was it.

    While I was in Santa Barbara, they rumored his burial heading that way (Neverland).

  • Favorite Battles of WWII

    *The Battle of Santa Barbara- Japanese sub I-17 launched up to 25 shells trying to hit a large fuel tank west of the city. The sub commander radioed back to Tokyo that he had left Santa Barbara in flames. : : *The Battle of Santa Barbara- Japanese sub I-17 launched up to 25 shells trying to hit a large fuel tank west of the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    The (TV show), "Santa Barbara" is in what television genre?
  • A:
    The television show is labeled as: Soap opera.
  • Q:
    What date was the last episode aired for the show, "Santa Barbara"?
  • A:
    The last episode aired in January, 1993.
  • Q:
    On which network did the TV show, "Santa Barbara" originally air?
  • A:
    The television show was first broadcast by NBC.
  • Q:
    When did the (television show) "Santa Barbara" first air on TV?
  • A:
    The television program appeared in July, 1984.

Awards & Accolades

  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Daytime Drama Directing Team
    1991, 1990
  • Emmy Award for Outstanding Daytime Drama Writing Team
    1991, 1990
  • Emmy Award Oustanding Drama Series
    1990, 1989, 1988
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