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  • Why it was all better in the old days: part 2

    One of the judges is Sharon Osbourne, who winner, Sam Bailey, describes as an inspiration despite the fact that she's only famous because of her husband, and now, Sam Bailey has the same level of fame because she won the X Factor.

  • Deal Pool

    So, Pat Buchanan now takes the place of Teddy.<strong>SCOREBOARD: </strong> Untitled Entity: 1<ins><strong>Players:</strong></ins> Brian Eggleston ccstate4peat Patsox Usafkid WJMelements Chuckles I-am-a-panda leet4A1 Resolutionsmasher Nags Italianstallion AnimeFanTony Untitled Entity <ins><strong>Predicitons:</strong></ins> Queen Elizabeth II, Stephen Hawkings, Amy Winehouse - Eggleston (0 points) Chuck Lidell, Andy Rooney, Osama Bin Laden - ccstate4peat (0 points) Patrick Swayze, Adam Jones - Patsox (0 points) Jeff Foxworthy, Lance Armstrong, Jeremiah Wright - WJMelements (0 points) Phil, Som31j0hn, Datcmoto - Usafkid (0 points) Bob Dole, George McGovern, Tommy Lee Jones - Chuckles (0 points) Barack Obama, Amy Winehouse, Micheal Jackson(Dead before chosen) - LeetA41 (0 points) George Bush Sr., Mahmoud Admadinejad, Margaret Thatcher - I-am-a-panda (0 points) Tommy Lee Jones, Clint...

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