Solid Gold

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  • Is Imagination rea or not????

    Plus the things you see in your imagination do not happen physically (most of the time), or im sailing on a 60 foot solid gold yacht with two Swedish babes.

  • Existing highways should not be privatized

    Of course, the money raised in the sell-off and the cash saved on road maintenance could be used to cut taxes for the rich, or to finance the construction of a huge, solid gold, diamond-encrusted statue of Senator Joseph McCarthy urinating on Robin Hood, or some other morally-bankrupt scheme, but it seems to me that an elected government has the duty to govern in the interests of the majority of citizens, not just the financially-privileged few, and that's why existing highways should not be privatized.


  • ABBA and a fun video

    The write overs make this solid gold.

  • AronRa and a very silly creationist

    Solid Gold. At 9/1/2009 7:16:08 PM, sherlockmethod wrote: : Solid Gold. We will see who shows up; it is bound to be a good show.: At 9/1/2009 7:16:08 PM, sherlockmethod wrote: : Solid Gold.

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