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  • The US needs to abolish the Federal Reserve.

    First son- stayed in germany Second son-vienna Third son- most clever went to london-1798 Napoleon sent him 550,000 pounds to buy govt stock he didn't buy he invested it smarter- 1815 gave the king his money back with the interest he would have made with the investment he wanted. Rothschild made other much more profitable investments he later brags to his buddies that in 17 years he took 20,000 which is father gave him to help start up the bank in england and explained it by 2500times or equalling 50,000,000 Mid 1800's the family dominated central banking Forth son-naples Fifth son-paris- worth 650 million french franks (150 million more then all the other banks in paris put together!) if you have a hard time believing me, type in money masters in google video, its 3 1/2 hours.its amazing First, I want to point out that you did not answer my question to you about providing a viable alternative to...

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