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  • Jesus Christ being Alive is verifiable - Pistol Pete Video 4 - Muslim Convert Video 5 & 6 - Doug Batchelor Video 7 - Stephen Baldwin Interview Video 8 - Stephen Baldwin Testimony Video 9 You will see all of them have a recurring theme.


  • Evolution is fake

    Didn't Stephen Baldwin make the same false presumption?: At 5/11/2013 10:50:29 AM, thett3 wrote: : if we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?

  • Note to Creationists

    I've included a video about Richard Dawkins bringing light onto a subject obscured by renowned gadfly Stephen Baldwin. <strong>Note to Creationists: ABIOGENESIS =/= EVOLUTION!</strong> A friend from church asks, "Ok, if evolution is true, how then did we get on earth?" I do not know HOW many times I have heard the common misconception that evolution explains how life got on earth. <strong>We did NOT come from monkeys</strong> Here is what a friend from my old church said: "OK LISTEN u r an embosil if u think tht evolution is true because Gods word never lies in the beginning GOD NOT charles darwin ok so u need to stop believing evolution and believe creation and ur creator the one who created u NOT A STUPID MONKEY" This is so bad, AiG notes: "In an evolutionary worldview, mankind did not evolve from apes but from an apelike ancestor, from which both humans and apes of today supposedly...

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