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  • christians shouldreject their religion's history of stoning

    he as a follow up asks for where stoning was every over turned explicitly, but doesn't note that Jesus said "let he who is without sin cast the first stone". For instance Christian apologist David Wood has released a new blog thread on his site concerning a stoning that took place in Somalia: David Wood posts the story as a bad thing; and it obviously works since the comments from his Christian fans show that they obviously disliked what happened, and this can be seen from many other Christian apologists and their supporters. The entire assembly must stone him.

  • OmniGod

    The divine paradox is this: Could an omnipotent being create a stone so heavy that even he could not lift it?" If he could lift the rock, then it seems that the being would not have been omnipotent to begin with in that he would have been incapable of creating a heavy enough stone; if he could not lift the stone, then it seems that the being either would never have been omnipotent to begin with or would have ceased to be omnipotent upon his creation of the stone. Anyways, it IS meaningless to ask if a heavy stone can be too heavy to lift by omnipotence, it's simply not logical that a stone be unliftable and also a stone, for that would be a stump attached to the ground. Simple, omnipotence just means God could bring about any logical event, but asking if he could create a stone so heavy he couldn't lift is itself a meaningless question, it's...




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