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  • Actions taken by husband in bride-kidnapping video evidence a Rape or nontraditional rape occurred

    According to the Susan Estrich article regarding rape, non-traditional rape differs from rape proper due to the amount of violence or physical force which is used during the commencement of the act. Author, Susan Estrich concludes that the husband in the Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan video committed non-traditional rape as opposed to the act of rape proper, as follows: (1) The husband kidnaps his "bride" with the intent of commencing the marriage with an act of sex; therefore, his mens rea involves intention to force non-traditional rape and the actus reas is the physical act of committing non-traditional rape. In her essay titled Rape, Susan Estrich states that regardless of the differences in definitions, every statue is composed of three main characteristics when defining rape, "force" "threat" and "consent" (179.6.2).

  • The question of rape in the bride kidnapping video

    In her article "Rape" Susan Estrich analyzes various cases of rape and identifies certain, ever present, elements that categorize the act of rape in two distinct groups: traditional rape and non-traditional rape. In "Rape" Susan Estrich uses an example of Pat and Rusk. The law must recognize rape and what constitutes it as a whole" I feel you once more elected to rely on law standards not relevant to Kyrgyzstan and imposed law and social ideology discussed by Estrich, which mainly focuses on U.S law.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    Which academic institution did Susan Estrich attend?
  • A:
    Susan Estrich studied at Harvard Law School.
  • Q:
    Where was Susan Estrich born?
  • A:
    Susan Estrich was born in Marblehead.
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