The Brighter Day

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  • Reverse Euthanasia

    As it stands, the Fuzzy Apes toil day in and day out to grow food which would simply grow on it’s own if not for the Fuzzy Apes misguided interference with the Earth.3. A brighter day is coming your way. Things that scream at 3 AM every morning when I have work the next day should be shot, no questions asked.3.

  • Resolved: Mitt Romney would make a better, more effective president than Barack OBAMA

    It will be a brighter day for USA when Keynesianism itself is gone for good. We must judge Mitt Romney by what he is saying NOW, by what he is campaigning on, and he has said that once he gets into office, he would "repel Obamacare the day I get into office."     3) Now let's look at the issue of income inequality. By 2007, at the end of Mitt's term, the state had accumulated a $2 billion rainy day fund in its coffers.


  • Has Obama's stimulus plan produced positive effects on the economy?

    It will take every American citizen to bring this country back to a brighter day.

  • Is suicide a selfish act?

    I drive over his skidmarks every day and think about him risking his own life as he crouched over you in the middle of the road until the ambulance came to take you to the hospital, where you remain to this day. There are tragic deaths all over the world of people who would love to have another day. You don't think it's selfish to make someone go through that every damn day just do you don't have to be sad.


  • Feminism is evil

    If we do, then perhaps a brighter day will dawn on planet Earth. I'd also like to suggest that we think hard about how it argues that I am obstructionism-oriented for wanting to lead us all toward a better, brighter future.

  • A complaint letter has been filed against me

    If we do, then perhaps a brighter day will dawn on planet Earth. Just the other day, some of his infernal, illogical spokesmen forced a prospectus into my hands as I walked past.

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