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  • Jesus vs. Buuda who will win? PRO=Jesus Neg=Buuda

    Next let us check this excerpt from, a site dedicated to Buddha: "Buddha performed some miracles. Buddha on the other hand can look like this: or this: or yes, if Buddha really wanted to in order to scare angels: So the question: If Satan could convince 1/3 of the angels to join his side looking as he did how many angels are going to join Buddha's side? Buddha can split things when he commands it, Buddha would split any cross near Jesus on command.

  • From a debate judging standpoint Yraelz should win the "Jesus vs. Buuda..." debate with i-win-347.

    "Buddha can turn into a fireball and shoot fireballs, this owns Jesus." "Buddha can split things when he commands it, Buddha would split any cross near Jesus on command. Buddha might be able to do it, Yraelz gave no reasons why Buuda should automatically be considered as good of a fighter as Buddha. " "Plants come to the aid of Buddha, he controls the Ent army!" "When the serpent shoots fire at Buddha he himself just turns into a fireball and shoots fire back.


  • Buddhist (yes) or Christian (no)?

    Here's a story about it: Buddha's Advice On Negative People One day, Buddha was walking through a village. One couldn't keep quiet and asked the Buddha, "Why didn't you reply to the rude man?" The Buddha replied, "If someone offers you a gift, and you refuse to accept it, to whom does the gift belong?". Also, Buddha was saying many of the same things that Jesus did 500 years earlier, and didn't claim to be a God/son of God in the process.

  • Is Buddhism a religion?

    However many Buddhists turned Buddhism into a religion by creating statues, praying to Buddha, and creating a following that wasn't really what Buddha had intended to create. The word buddhism derives from his name "Buddha-ism", stating that it's an idea, way of doing something, that was stated by Buddha himself. Buddha NEVER said he was a God that should be worshipped, nor did he mandate the way one should live.


  • Who is the most influential religious figure?

    Mohammed of Mecca Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Gautama Buddha Gautama Buddha Gautama Buddha Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Not even close....Jesus was by far the most influential figure of all time....his message spread far and wide from a small area to blanket the World. Not to mention Humanity's History and future are and will continue to be identified by BC and AD ..before Christ and after death...enough said Jesus Christ He inspires a lot and spread (still spreading) a great message, in the same way as Buddha, however he has been able to reach out to a lot more kinds of people.

  • Do you think people in "Western" cultures tend to have accurate knowledge of Buddhism?

    Somewhat disagree It seems like there are a few misconceptions about Buddhism that many people hold, such as the idea that most Buddhists worship the Buddha.


  • Reclining Buddha Statue

    This is the largest [url=][b]Reclining Buddha Statue[/b][/url] in the world. The Reclining Buddha was crafted to celebrate King Rama IIIs restoration (1824 – 51). At 45m weight and 22m high it is the largest Buddha image in

  • He is The Buddha

    However, many people don't realize that Buddha had a pretty adventurous life, he even survived several assassination attempts without even being touched or fighting back. Not to mention, the video may not be that far from scripture because scripture does have accounts where Buddha gave discourses to thousands of aliens from all over the Universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    What materials were used to create the legendary artwork, The Buddha?
  • A:
    The materials used include: Pastel.
  • Q:
    Where is the "The Buddha" on display?
  • A:
    The priceless artwork is stored, maintained and available for viewing at the Musée d'Orsay.
  • Q:
    What are the dimensions of the artwork, The Buddha?
  • A:
    The painting measures 2 feet, 11 inches high by 2 feet, 5 inches wide.
  • Q:
    What was the inspiration behind the legendary visual artwork, "The Buddha"?
  • A:
    The artwork's subject matter is Buddha.
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