The Gift

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  • It is never wrong to accept a gift

    As in the gift offered by the giver is a "true gift" that is given willingly and is benign to the giver and reciever.Response to Refutations: The SAT example is not pointing out that it is wrong to accept a gift; as the wrongness always comes from NOT the “act of receiving,” but the potential receiver’s INTENT to swindle the giver. That is why I gave examples of what John must do in order for the “gift” to be considered a gift, otherwise, it is more akin to lying/stealing/swindling, which is not accepting or giving a gift but more comparable to robbery or stealing from charity. “Like a Sorites paradox, accepting one gift is fine and logically would be fine with every instance, but in reality many one gifts accepted may develop into over-dependency which would become damaging.” Con’s argument here inherently suggests that...

  • The process of Gift Giving is a waste of time.

    This immediately refutes your third point, which only addresses the process of acquiring gifts.For your first and second point you debate the practical efficiency of giving, assuming the case of x and y, you claim that if x bought y a gift, and that y bought y a gift, y's gift for y would be a "better" gift than x's gift for y. For the record, I'll define gift giving as the exchange of items between two or more people.Who knows yourself best?First, Gift giving is a waste of time because if you bought the gift yourself, chances are that you'll get a better gift that you actually want rather than if someone else got it for you. You could simply ask someone what they thought you wanted, and then by doing that, not only is it much quicker, but it also saves the risk of them buying something you don't like, which would be a waste of time...


  • Are girls a gift to parents?

    Girls Are a Gift Yes, girls are a gift to parents in the same way that boys are a gift to parents. Children, no matter their sex or gender, are a gift to parents and to the world as a whole. Girls are definitely a gift to parents.

  • Is science a curse (yes) or a gift (no)?

    Science is a gift. Science is a gift, not a curse.




    No its not mine, If I had a gift it wouldn't be a mystery.

  • Christmas Gift Idea!!!!'m buying everyone in my family a nice warm bucket of KFC.: At 11/6/2013 10:23:19 AM, MassiveDump wrote: : I'm buying everyone in my family a nice warm bucket of KFC.

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    How long is the book "The Gift"?
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    The book is 366 pages.

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