The Jerry Springer Show

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  • Devout Christian absent fathers should not pay child maintenance

    The Jerry Springer show with english accents. You may think God was a cad and a bounder for putting a married woman up the duff and then legging it back to Heaven, and that such behaviour would be more befitting a chav on the Jeremy Kyle Show rather than that of a respectable god, but never mind that, pious Christians are supposed to have blind faith in their religion, and not to ask any awkward questions, so devout absent fathers should follow God's example and not pay any money to help bring their kids up.

  • It's time to bring back the scold's bridle

    [1,2] This would be the perfect solution for the type of people who appear on the Jerry Springer Show and then go home to quarrel with their neighbours and generally make nuisances of themselves.


  • Is the Jerry Springer show a disgrace to quality television?

    We should have the right to watch a show like Jerry Springer or a show like Charlie Rose. yes it is While I used to watch the Jerry Springer show many many years ago, I can safely say that since then I have grown up a bit and now am a much more mature person. Jerry Springer's show is a disgrace!


  • religious debate tournament

    You make it sound like the Jerry Springer Show.: At 1/21/2014 9:36:29 PM, philochristos wrote: : : At 1/21/2014 8:58:02 PM, eNo wrote: : : Yeah lets bring a bunch of people who don't agree, can't find common ground, don't respect each others arguments and think each other a wrong and stupid and have a big debate.... : : You make it sound like the Jerry Springer Show.

  • People who go out of their way to be offended

    Here is a list of streets within a short walking distance from my office in London WC2, with the likely suggested alternative name from outraged politically correct opinion formers: <strong>Mincing Lane</strong> – offensive to gay men, likely suggested replacement: <strong>Promenading Homosexual Gentlemen's Lane </strong> <strong>Seething Lane </strong>– offensive to people with anger-management issues, likely suggested replacement: <strong>Righteously Discontented Lane</strong> <strong>Crutched Friars </strong>– offensive to disabled monks, likely suggested replacement: <strong>Restricted Mobility Clergymen Road</strong> <strong>Savage Gardens</strong> – offensive to immigrants from the colonies, likely suggested replacement: <strong>Native Sub-Saharan African Gardens </strong> <strong>Pudding Lane</strong> - offensive to the obese, likely suggested replacement:...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    The TV program, "The Jerry Springer Show" is in what genre?
  • A:
    The show is labeled as: Talk show.
  • Q:
    Which date did the final episode air for (TV show) "The Jerry Springer Show"?
  • A:
    The final episode aired in 2010.
  • Q:
    Which celebrity narrates or hosts the TV program, The Jerry Springer Show?
  • A:
    Jerry Springer is the show's star host.
  • Q:
    On which TV network did the TV show, "The Jerry Springer Show" premier?
  • A:
    The television show started on Television syndication.
  • Q:
    When did the (tv show) "The Jerry Springer Show" first appear on television?
  • A:
    The television show first appeared in September, 1991.
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