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  • Donnie Darko is the best high school movie ever.

    The Karate Kid This is the drama filled story of a high school teen who gets bullied, and learned martial arts. On the Karate Kid: Another timeless classic, one of my favorite films, but I can't say it comes as close to Darko as Rebel without a Cause does.

  • Resolved: Quote Arguement Part Two

    when I get excited I have to toss in some Karate Kid quotes."-Dane Cook "You know the speed of light, so what's the speed of dark?" -Unknown "Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant?? "Hoookid on puh-hhonicks wer-kid for meh! HHooookid on puh-hhonicks wer-kid for meh!


  • Should kids defend themselves against bullies?

    Watch the "Karate Kid" (The original.) Learning to deal with bullies, pushy people, and those who are naturally dominant is one of the most important experiences of childhood and youth. There was nothing the kid could do. I support this resolution mainly because I have been bullied before, and if someone is not sticking up for them selves then that bully won't ever stop bullying them because they are going to think oh this kid won't tell on me, or snitch so I seriously do believe that kids should stand up for themselves against bullies.

  • Does the media cause violence?

    Whenever my little 7 year old brother watches THE KARATE KID, he starts doing all of these weird, "imitation" karate moves and ends up slamming into a wall and hurting himself. Teens will mimic what's shown on tv A few years back some kid saw a violent episode on corri and killed his mum the same way and set fire to the house and saved his little brothers lie . The SALEM witch trials imagine hanging a little girl because she can read Violence in games Almost every kid will play violent games in their life or see violence on the television.


  • Karate kid?

    I love the Karate Kid movies. I love the Karate Kid movies. Will smith's kid is cool but no Daniel LaRusso and Jakie is cool to but no Mr.

  • Who is the best

    : <strong>Let us all know who is the best </strong> : : Awaiting reply from the best debater on Karate kid?

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