The Last Train

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  • Zoo's are inhuman

    Here are some pictures of animals unable to escape predators: (Viewer warning, some of these images contain gore) Both are penguins of which many are endangered, and...


  • Top songs ever?

    Get Low by Lil Jon (till the Sweat drip down my balls down these females crawl down skeet skeet skeet down skeet skeet skeet) LMAO!well iono my top songs of all time if i had my old itunes library i would tell you my top 10 most played but for now my top 10 would be no order Savior- rise against Wedding dress- tae yang Run this city- Jay Z Empire state of mind- Jay Z Say goodbye- chris brown Lookin for love- Dokkman Don't stop believing- Journey Last train home- lost prophets You're gonna go far- offspring Break Your heart- Taio Cruz That's my top 10 of my new itunes so far I can't remember what used to be on it

  • Can you help me write a guide?

    Missed the last train home? Missed the last train home? <strong>Reina - Istanbul, Turkey.</strong> <ins>Overview:</ins> Outdoor nightclub and restaurant, formerly known as "Pacha", located in the Ortaköy district of Istanbul on the European shore of the Bosphorus with beautiful views of the Asian side of the city and also one of the two spectacular bridges that connect both continents.

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