Douglas W. Richmond - The Mexican Nation: Historical Continuity and Modern Change

Douglas W. Richmond - The Mexican Nation: Historical Continuity and...

The Mexican Nation is a readable, straightforward, and down-to-earth narrative of Mexican history from its earliest origins to the beginning of the twenty-first century. Utilizing a chronological organization, this book emphasizes how the concepts of region, religion, and ethnicity have shaped the development of Mexico. The author shows how regional complexities are vital in understanding the Mexican past. A discussion on the Aztec and Maya religions, as well as emphasis on the Catholic church, provides important clues to the multi-cultural dimension of the country. A discussion on the intermingling of indigenous people with Europeans and Africans demonstrates Mexico's unique social blending. The Mexican Nation also offers new interpretations of Mexican leaders who have been misunderstood. Consistent themes and conclusions emerge from the author's research. Mexican history is also analyzed from the perspective of international relations. Experimentation with indigen

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Douglas W. Richmond
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