The Walking Stick

Debates and Opinions


  • Food is better than sleeping.

    Without food, everyone would be walking sticks.

  • World Population

    Wood also doesn’t help people because its accumulation contributes to global warming, what would you rather: burn to death or walking sticks for the elderly?


  • Should the fashion industry ban models that are too skinny?

    Healthy is tmhe key We should ban skinny models because it isnot sending a good signal for girls who are wanting to become models what it is telling girls is that they need to be stick thin just to look good. But some body types don't meet and never will meet the stick standard. If designers only want their garments to be bought by walking sticks, then go ahead.


  • Simple Weapons

    and doubles as a walking stick :)Best Simple Weapon: Eyes.

  • Economics should not be taken seriously

    There are two types of claims that economists make: <strong>descriptive</strong> and <strong>prescriptive</strong>. : : There are two types of claims that economists make: <strong>descriptive</strong> and <strong>prescriptive</strong>. Maybe you'd like to hold the apples, but you have a walking stick in one hand, so you can't hold two apples.

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