Their First Mistake

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  • Gay marriges should be legalized.

    This is his first mistake since it amounts to little more than an argument from popularity. Pro's first argument is that "almost every country in the world" recognizes freedom of choice.

  • Can Anarchy truly exist?

    Con's first mistake is the faulty presupposition on Con's part regarding what a government is.


  • Should we do away with the double jeopardy rule?

    Not fair for the public or the victim If a person committed murder and already served his time and still decides to murder again it usually means that he did not feel remorseful or did not use those 25 years thinking wisely, justice should be served and they should be sentenced again if they did not learn from their first mistake. The prosecutor had their chance to convict the first time. Now the double jeopardy rule comes into play when the first time around, the government or business does not get the result they wanted, so they do it AGAIN and AGAIN until they get the result they want over the same crime.

  • Is George Zimmerman guilty of murder?

    His first mistake. By throwing the first punch you put yourself as the guilty party and are completely to blame for all injuries, deaths, everything after that first punch. If Trayvon Martin attacked first, that doesn't mean Zimmerman didn't kill him.


  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

    That was my first mistake. : : That was my first mistake. : : : : That was my first mistake.

  • Someone PLEASE help me

    First things first. Asking other teenagers for advice is the first mistake. First off, you're in high school.

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