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  • Tiger Woods's name should be changed to "Cheetah Woods"

    My argument is that Tiger Woods should legitimately change his name to "Cheetah Woods." To fit his new reputation(: Thank you posting this debate, hopec5, I hope it will be as controversial as the golfer himself. FORFEIT What's the difference between Tiger Woods and Santa? AWESOME joke(: At the end of the day, what Tiger Woods does in his spare time is his own business and we should respect his privacy in this matter.

  • Tiger Woods will win the Masters.

    Tiger Woods will win the Masters. I am a big golf fan and golfer, but I really think that the odds of Tiger winning are very low.


  • Is it right that Tiger Woods refuses to declare a public stance regarding politics?

    Tiger Woods Isn't a Politician It's perfectly okay for Tiger Woods to stay out of politics. Celebrities such as Tiger Woods have every right to stay out of politics.

  • Should President Obama have golfed with Tiger Woods?

    Yes Obama should have golfed with Tiger Woods Yes, I think that it was a decent move for President Obama to go golfing with Tiger Woods. Even though Tiger Woods committed several transgressions of infidelity, I think that it is time to forgive and forget and that Obama did the right thing by golfing with Tiger Woods and moving on. When you're president, you can golf with anybody you want and Tiger Woods seems like a really good choice.


  • What was the most shocking Hollywood divorce?

    Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Paul McCartney and Heather Mills Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

  • Who is the greatest male golfer of all-time?

    Tiger Woods Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods is an American professional golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Tiger Woods Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods is an American professional golfer whose achievements to date rank him among the most successful golfers of all time. Born within six months of two other acknowledged golf greats of the twentieth century, Sam Snead and Byron Nelson, Hogan is notable for his profound influence on the golf swing theory and his legendary ball-striking ability, for which he remains renowned among players and fans.His nine career professional major championships tie him for fourth all-time, trailing only Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Walter Hagen.


  • Tiger Woods is Washed Up

    Tiger Woods has yet to do jack since the mistresses scandal of 2009.

  • IPhone Apps

    The top five on my phone now are: 1) Battle for Wesnoth(Epic Turn-Based Strategy) 2) Civilization Revolution 3) Rebuild(turn-based zombie survival game) 4) Stumbleupon 5) Tiger Woods '12 All excellent apps, Dungeon Defenders would've been on this list awhile ago, but lost interest after a few months.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    How tall is Tiger Woods?
  • A:
    He is 6 feet, 1 inch tall.
  • Q:
    Which academic institution did Tiger Woods attend?
  • A:
    Tiger Woods was a student at Stanford University.
  • Q:
    What is Tiger Woods quoted as saying?
  • A:
    One notable quote is, "I've done it before. It won't be the last time. You're going to go years where you just don't win. That's okay, as long as you keep trying to improve."
  • Q:
    Where was Tiger Woods born?
  • A:
    Tiger Woods was born in Cypress.
  • Q:
    Which works have been written by author, Tiger Woods?
  • A:
    Well known works include:
    - How I Play Golf
    - How I Play Golf
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