Top State Government Websites

The following list demonstrates that state governments have been putting more creativity into designing their websites. has reviewed and evaluated the websites of all 50 states and has designated the following as the Top State Government Websites. These sites are all at the cutting edge of website design and offer visitors an informative and enjoyable experience. The sites are attractive, easy to use, and effectively present the services offered by the state government.

Alabama - Top Government Website Award ScreenshotAlabama - Top Government Website Award

Pairing unparalleled web design with a robust navigation structure, offers a unique web-surfing experience. The site provides many "Web 2.0" features such as a commenting system, social media integration, and integrated live chat. State and local news, tourist information, state employment opportunities, and weather are all at the disposal of Alabama's citizens thanks to this innovative, and recently redesigned, web portal.
Arkansas - Top Government Website Award ScreenshotArkansas - Top Government Website Award is designed to keep people in the know. The portal offers instant access to state alerts, breaking news, road conditions, public meetings, and important dates and deadlines all from their homepage. also features a usable site for smart phones, which allows people to access critical information instantly at any time. Information from the site can also be accessed from iPhone applications, RSS Feeds, email, social media sites, and various other web outlets.
California - Top Government Website Award ScreenshotCalifornia - Top Government Website Award

The California state website is extremely well-designed and feature-rich. The sheer amount of data provided throughout the portal is astonishing, and integration with Google Fusion tables provides fast and easy manipulation of the data. also provides its citizens with real-time updates on local weather and driving conditions, as well as a list of wi-fi hotspots statewide. The site is incredibly useful and usable, a potent combination. ScreenshotColorado - Top Government Website Award is a simple, creative web portal moving e-government into the future. Residents and tourists can learn more about the Colorado communities and easily navigate cities on the interactive neighborhood map. Getting connected with the state government is easy through many social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, and submit personal photos to help capture beautiful Colorado. Dashboard webcams, weather, and traffic applications provide a distinctive user experience.
Maine - Top Government Website Award ScreenshotMaine - Top Government Website Award

The State of Maine’s website allows its citizens to perform many of the tasks once reserved for the DMV, court houses, police stations and more. Citizens can pay ticket fines, renew driver’s licenses, file physician complaints, and buy burning permits, to name just a few of the services provided by the portal. Creating a central online location for many of the errands that Mainers had to run around town for has put Maine’s portal a step ahead of other state’s government services. ScreenshotMichigan - Top Government Website Award offers a wide variety of features including visitor information, an in-depth breakdown of its state government, and a wide array of residential services. With an easily discernible navigation structure and and a consciousness of social media opportunities, decidedly sets the bar high for other state government websites.
Rhode Island - Top Government Website Award ScreenshotRhode Island - Top Government Website Award

Offering a comprehensive set of features, highlights Rhode Island tourist attractions and provides a wealth of information for every major city and town: maps, contact information, local services such as traffic updates, and much more. These features, matched with excellent usability and fantastic design, certainly make a website worth emulating.
Tennessee - Top Government Website Award ScreenshotTennessee - Top Government Website Award

The State of Tennessee’s website is laid out in a simple and attractive way. Information is accessible through three straightforward categories on their homepage - one each for residents, for businesses, and for visitors. Below this navigation panel are easy to read lists containing links to popular topics, government contact information, social media platforms, and various online services. The look and feel of the portal stays consistent throughout the entire site, which provides visitors with a pleasant and smooth experience.
Utah - Top Government Website Award ScreenshotUtah - Top Government Website Award

Utah's approach to local e-Government is quite unique. Public meeting calendars, department directories, and other useful features are all at citizens’ fingertips given simply their Utah zip code. Additional features include an online live chat service and deep social media integration, which all help connect the information and services provided by the Utah government with the state's citizens.
Virginia - Top Government Website Award ScreenshotVirginia - Top Government Website Award

Virginia’s portal provides pertinent information right up front on the homepage. Visitors can instantly find information on the most pressing topics, such as emergency notifications, disaster recovery help, traffic accidents, construction, weather updates and more. also allows citizens to quickly locate government and community offices on an interactive map. Visitors are guaranteed a quick, efficient visit to the State of Virginia’s site.
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