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  • Army War: Pre-gunpowder

    Hannibal Barca famously led his forces -- including elephants -- across the Alps and into Rome, where he terrorized Roman forces during the Second Punic War. This shall be interesting the rest of my captains are Achilles: Unknown Greece Achilles was a the greatest (and most handsome) Greek warrior at the Siege of Troy he was rumored to be invincible his only weak spot being his heel, he captured over 23 Trojan towns during the Siege of Troy and once killed a man by punching him in the face, Achilles was eventually killed by Paris of Troy Equipment:A spear to large for any other many at the Siege of Troy to carry, a short sword, cuirass, greaves, helmet and shield (all likely bronze) Robin Hood: Unknown England Robin Hood was an English folk hero who was famous for stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, he was an excellent archer and was rumored to have once split his opponent's arrow in an archery contest Equipment: English Longbow, Short...


  • Is Assad evil?

    It is true that we have no conclusive evidence that he is beind the chemical bombing, but at times of war arrows that point to a certain direction are enough (if grounded factually) to accuse the war criminal. The civil war in Syria does not make him evil. You could probably sit down and enjoy a perfectly marvelous game of chess with him, without ever guessing that he's leading a Civil War that displaced 3 million of his people and killed 20,000 of his own civilians.

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