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  • Tekken Vs Street Fighter Which is Better

    Also in Tekken all characters are very unique in terms of their fighting style as well as there story's which in my opinion is why Tekken has the superior characters Story Like i mentioned above i believe in terms of their characters, back stories as well as how the games story as a whole connects all the characters together alot better than with street fighter, while also having its funny moments to go along with its more serious moments, for example in tekken 5 when heihachi ties kazuya, jin and his father to a rocket and blasts them to space was very funny in my opinion, but it also has its more serious moments like kuzuyas revenge in tekken 1, or when kazuya gets thrown into the volcano in tekken 3, in street fighter alot of the story is repeated, such as Ryu's quest to become the greatest fighter in the world, Sagats quest to beat ryu, it shows a lack of creativity IMO for the story of street fighter. Rules: 1.No...

  • The US Government should substantially increase investment within the African Continent.

    Corporations like Firestone have already been immensely successful in making use of Africa's cheap labor and natural resources.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] His imagination of a better world is a continuation of the ascetic ideal. 55-63) “to imagine another, more valuable...


  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Oblivion had an awesome premise, though I think it could have been done better, and I should have had a more indepth world (side quest wise). I found that the police weren't all that strong, so I could break any laws I wanted and be able to overpower the police. So I made them stronger, and made a secret police force that was extremely powerful (as well as some very powerful monsters).nice.

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