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  • The Ressurection of Jesus

    In order for the disciples to know the tomb was empty, they would have to know where it is. It is arrogant, and you are never going to learn anything until you can honestly say that you don't know jack sh!t. We know this since by the status of the deciples, they wouldn't have been able to read, let alone right.



  • Games on your smartphone

    You Don't Know Jack for iOS is pretty good as well.Shake Spears is also very good.I love Temple Run :D Record's around 21 million, gonna try and get good in the sequel. I like games that you can kill 10 minutes with, ya' know? And I'm still playing (although I'm stuck now and don't want to use my coins, since I know I'll kick myself when I work it out).

  • green liers and muggers

    Yea well most people who claim that are mentally ill, in any case you are not aware of the nature of the Thule Society, so you don't know jack about the occult.: At 3/19/2010 5:20:51 AM, banker wrote: : Next time you go shoping and find a green activist parking his green car,then beging a old lady for change right before knocking her down and trowing her in the garbage..! : Insert some time the truth is not what you want it to be sorry Any topic with you has everything to do with Islam, something you clearly know nothing about.Cereb you have a strong point if your a islamic advocate,however if your a ubiased historian you would not take this position. And I know all this, because the Earth has whispered it into my ear.Made my night.Sky I am aware of your humor and I like your satire,but those green are so dumb that they will not be aware your sarcastic...!!

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