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  • Conspiracy III: The Kennedy Assassination

    Using the combination of the Nix film (, both versions of the Zapruder film - wide ( and cut (from round two), we can place the X from the street where Kennedy was killed into the picture above from Oswald's window, pictured by the inserted red dot: Please note that this is the head shot that is placed in the picture, NOT the throat shot. I instinctively turned to my right because the sound appeared to come from over my right shoulder..." [1] Here are JFK and Connally starting at frame 138 in the Zapruder film, both looking around for the source of the missed first shot: JFK - Connally - If you watch, Kennedy is waving to the...

  • JFK was assassinated by the ghost of Doc Holliday

    [3][4] If you watch closely on the Zapruder film, moments before J.F.K.’s head was shot, he appears sluggish.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    The motion picture, "Zapruder film" is in what genre?
  • A:
    The film is labeled as: Silent film, Indie and Short film.
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