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  • Techno "music" shouldn't be considered as "proper" music

    Lastly, I myself, as a fan of everything from A-Ha to Ludwig van to ZZ Top, could, if so inclined, choose to do nothing else and merely listen to the song that was playing.

  • Current Events Rap Battle

    I'm droppin bombs like Petraeus, notify your next of Kin, Knowing more about the Current than Keith Olbermann, Got you locked down in this round, on defense like Assange, A haw haw haw haw, ZZ Top you with Le Grange.


  • Did Mumford and Sons deserve the 2013 Grammy for Album of the Year?

    No, the album was dreadful By far the Black keys should have won that, for about ten years the Black keys being two people have put out a good 6-8 albums and have shown us that rock is still very much alive in today's music industry their music has a good beat and guitar the lyrics aren't completely random and have good tone their music is very similar to ZZ top Mumfort and sons have 1-2 hit songs the big one the cave an ok song but after that the music is repeated in sound their music cannot even compare with The Black keys.

  • Was Kurt Cobain the last great rock star?

    then no kurt cobain is not the last great rockstar there will be more and many greats are still alive ZZ top, Ozzy, Ringo and Paul, Hal and Oats, Simon and Garfunkel, Elton John, Eddy money, and many others.


  • Word Disassociation

    ZZ Top.: At 6/2/2010 10:19:31 PM, Anarcho wrote: : : At 6/2/2010 10:16:57 PM, BigMac wrote: : : Eve 6. : : ZZ Top.

  • the use of the letter Z

    So the band ZZ Top is known as "<em>Zed Zed </em>Top" over here!: At 5/13/2010 9:45:45 AM, brian_eggleston wrote: : : At 5/12/2010 6:56:12 PM, Korashk wrote: : : I'm fairly certain it's because "Z" isn't a letter in the British alphabet. : : So the band ZZ Top is known as "<em>Zed Zed </em>Top" over here! : : : : So the band ZZ Top is known as "<em>Zed Zed </em>Top" over here!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:
    Where did ZZ Top begin performing music?
  • A:
    The band was formed in Houston.
  • Q:
    ZZ Top's music was released by which record studio?
  • A:
    Record labels that ZZ Top worked with include RCA Records and London Records.
  • Q:
    What class of music does ZZ Top play?
  • A:
    Musical tracks by ZZ Top are in the hard rock genre.
  • Q:
    Which year were ZZ Top inducted into the music Hall of Fame?
  • A:
    ZZ Top was inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.
  • Q:
    Which album titles have been recorded by ZZ Top?
  • A:
    Music albums released include:
    - ZZ Top's First Album
    - Rio Grande Mud
    - Tres Hombres
    - Fandango!
    - Tejas
    - The Best of ZZ Top
    - Degüello
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Awards & Accolades

  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
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