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"Somewhere along the path of approaching maturity she had lost her sense if being loved and of belonging to a particular niche in the world. The measure of her misery was in the fact that she thought these things had never been hers to lose." -Peyton Place

"Do not associate my name with anything you do. You are extremists, and you've hurt the Republican party much more than the Democrats have." Barry Goldwater on the Religious Right

"I'm sorry that everyone is so jealous of me, but I can't help it if I'm popular!" Gretchen Wieners

"There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties,"- George Wallace

"I didn't lie. I only didn't elaborate on every detail of the truth."- Ferenc Gyurcs"ny

Guaranteed Minimum Income


Full resolution: The United States should begin conversion of the existing welfare structure into aguaranteed minimum income.Right now, I've made this debate impossible to accept. If you're interested, comment or PM me.Some definitions: A guaranteed minimum income is a mechanism to ensure that every citizen has enough income to live on.The existing welfare structure in the United States consists of various programs, CATO identifying at least 126[1]. It is not my burden to argue that *all* of the...

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Who will I vote for?


Rules: My opponent states the name of someone who is running for DDO president in the first round. I must vote for that person and then in my second round I must post a link to where I voted for that person. If I successfully do this, or my opponent doesn't post someone for me to vote for in round 1, then I win. Otherwise my opponent wins....

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The world is a better place because of Christianity


Christianity has been the inspiration for many great things throughout the ages. It has also been the cause of some of the worst tragedies in history. This debate is not about the existence of the Christian God, but if the Christian religion is a positive influence on the world. I will make the point that the bad influences of Christianity far outweigh the good. I challenge an opponent to show me the error in my thoughts on this....

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Updated 4 Months Ago should maintain it's policy of deletion


Thanks in advance to my opponent for accepting. In the forums, my opponent has contended very strongly that DDO should implement a policy he terms "Free debates" where no debates or threads are deleted. I invite him to defend this proposition. Since my opponent is the one advocating a change in the status quo but I'm the affirmative, the burden of proof will be shared. What a shared burden of proof means is that rather than the judge defaulting to one side, both sides are obligated to present re...

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In The United States, Jury Nullification Is A Just Check On Government


Lincoln-Douglas style debate. First round is for acceptance only. I look forward to this debate!...

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