Resolved: The United States Should Adopt an Open Border Policy


== Voting == Select winner, 3k ELO, 2 week voting period== Structure == 10k characters. 71 hours to argue. 4 rounds.

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The death penalty should be abolished in the United States of America


ResolutionThe United States of America should abolish the Death Penalty. My position on this is Con, therefore I will be arguing that the death penalty should not be abolished. My opponent Midnight1131, will be arguing that it should be abolished. Since he is changing the status quo, the BOP will be on him....

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universal health coverage in the United States of America


Hello, I will be debating in favor of universal coverage. I believe that universal coverage is better than the current system we have right now. I believe that not only will it improve the well being of our society, but help us economically too. Anyone who is willing to debate my belief I highly encourage you to do so as long as you do not attack me rather than debating me. Thank you for reading I await your response....

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United Nations peacekeepers should have the power to engage in offensive operations.


My opponent debatability and I have agreed to debate the January PF resolution. Sides have been pre-determined, and we will follow National Forensics League PF rules as follows. Round 1: Acceptance Round 2: Case/Constructive Round 3: Rebuttal Round 4: Sumarty/FF Also, I propose a solution to lack of crossfire: after cases and rebuttals we each post three questions in the comment section. That way we have three per crossfire, more or less what would be involved in a normal crossfire....

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Bluesteel v. Mikal, Resolved: The US should adopt a ban on assault weapons similar to Australia's.


First round acceptance only. BOP is shared....

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Lower Tier Finials: Resolved: The Hiroshima and Nagasaki Atomic Bombings were justified.


I'd like to thank Daltonian for accepting this debate ahead of time. This is the finials of the Lower Tier for the DDO Tourney.Rules Round 1 is for rules and definitions by Pro while Con accepts and/or chooses to define anyword Pro left undefined. Round 2: Opening arguments shall be presented. There shall be no rebuttles round 2. <...

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Is The Christian God Real?


I would simply like to start with the question, "Is God real?" I am, of course pro, meaning I believe in God, and I argue in his favor. So, do I have any proof of God? Scientifically, there is more proof for God, than there is against him. Firstly, look out a window. You see trees, people, animals, etc. All of that had to start somewhere. Personally, I think it takes more faith to believe that everything outside of your window started as "nothing" than to believe that a greater power put it all...

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On balance, a ban on civilian firearm ownership would be beneficial to the United States


DK and I have been planning to do this debate for a couple weeks now. Standard debate rules apply; first round for acceptance, no new arguments in the final round, no semantics, no trolling, etc. I doubt any of that will be a problem, here. A quick note on the resolution-- the debate will NOT be revolving around the implementation of a gun ban; it will be about whether or not the effects of a gun ban which has already been implemented are positive. I look forward to an excellent debate :D...

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Forfeit Contest


This debate is to see who can forfeit more. First round is acceptance only, arguments have 12 hour limits, and the voters vote for the debater who forfeited more than the other. Failure to comply to the acceptance rule will result in Con's definitive loss for the entire debate. Let the forfeiting begin!...

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Justice Requires the Recognition of Animal Rights


Resolved: Justice Requires the Recognition of Animal Rights.This is an old LD topic. All types of LD cases are acceptable, and this debate will be done in LD format. Round structure will go as thus:Round One: AFF PRESENTS CASE. THIS ROUND IS NOT JUST FOR ACCEPTANCERound Two: Neg Case + Rebuttals, Aff RebuttalsRound Three: Neg rebuttals, Aff RebuttalsGl to my opponent! ...

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