Is it right Korean government raise normal tobacco price 80%


This year, Korean government implemented tobacco price 2500won to 4500won(it's approximately 2.3dollars to 4.2dollars) . The reason the president used is that the most plausible way to decrease rate of citizens smoking further to enhance citizen health. But I think it's rude and oppressive decision to raise life goods as much as almost twice. First time to debate and not have some eloquence and fluency. Any English correction is welcomed. Allowance for both to have freedom to argue & insist but...

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9/11 consequently gave benefits on the Bush administration


By present, the result of 9/11 was beneficial to Bush administration. It's my claim and I'm definitely sure. First round is for acceptance "The result" means Bush"s administration got rapid increase of advocacy rate. Also, the U.S could show off their power and used lots of arms which was supposed to be rotten and buried. Bush administration got overwhelming backing by us citizens and his secondary dominion commenced. Both of sides have one"s burden of proof. Also, it"s possible to use...

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