Should conscription be legal?


For the federal government to have the audacity to think it has the power to force men ages 18-25 to join the military and deploy to combat is unbelievable. The military should always be voluntary. If it isn't voluntary, then it kind of lessens the notion of heroism and courage to those whom actually did join to serve on their own volition. You will have morale problems, if a big section of your unit was drafted and don't want to be there, let alone scared, you are going to have a hard time gett...

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Resolved: Medical Marijuana should be legal


My first debate!Round 1: AcceptanceI think Medical Marijuana should be legal and ther are many benefits.Definitions:Marijuana - Marijuana (marihuana) Cannabis sativa L., also known as Indian hemp, is a member of the Cannabaceae or hemp family, thought to have originated in the mountainous districts of India, north of the Himalayan mountains.

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Was George W. Bush a good President?


George W. Bush is a great man indeed. He has cut funding from schools and libraries, opposed abortion even in cases of rape or incest, taken away half of the Environmental Protection Agency's budget, the list goes on. But the one blunder we all took notice of was invading Iraq. He invaded on the pretext that there were WMD's there, but the U.N. weapons inspectors found no trace of them whatsoever before that. Oh, cut it out George, we all know what it was for - OIL. That's right, petroleum to ke...

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