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About Me:High School Debate Student who loves arguing and enjoys learning new things. I LOVE when someone else can change my view of something I've always seen!
Activities:Debate, Theatre Arts, Video games, Awesomeness
Beliefs:I don't talk about religion, but I love to debate about it!
Books:The Giver, Incarnations of Immortality(Piers Anthony)
Movies:The Hangover(1 and 2), Cowboys Vs. Aliens, Phantom of the Opera(Gerard Butler), Sweeney Todd
Music:Rock N Roll(70s thru modern)
Quotes:There isn't fact unless there is truth, and there isn't truth unless there is fact"
Me, Myself, and I

"When you want to fool the word, tell the truth"
Otto Von Bismarck
Sports Teams:Mavericks
TV Shows:Family Guy, Glee, House, Law and Order: SVU
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Aquaman is the worst superhero of all time


Aquaman is so bad. He has a mullet and he does nothing. No one can be worse than him....

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The Arts needs to be established as important for ever child of any age for public/private schools!


Resolved: The Arts need to be established as important for every child of any age for public/private schools! 1. Pro will argue first in ever round and Con will argue second in every round 2. Be respectful in your arguments, never putting down the other debater for what/how they say something 3. Do your best and make your point Now for my argument: The Arts are important for every child. They help kids with their social skills such as with Theatre or expressing their feelings better...

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Rap should not be considered art or music, and the "rappers" should not be considered artists!


Resolved: Rap should not be considered art or music, and the "rappers" should not be considered artists! Clarification: What I am trying to state is that Rap should not be categorized as music or art and the "rappers" should not be categorized as artists. Rules: 1. Be respectful, not extreme criticism during arguments or in comments, though some criticism such as what would have helped is always allowed as it helps improve the debater's skill. 2. Vote honestly as to who won and put a...

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Religion should be debated


Resolved: Religion should be debated. I will be arguing the Con side of this debate meaning I don't want religion to be debated. My opponent will argue the Pro side meaning he wants religion to be debated. Now to set some ground rules: 1. Pro will argue in the first round whereas Con will not. Con will argue in the fourth round whereas Pro will not. 2. Do not bring up what religion you are, whether it be Christian, Catholic, Atheist, Muslim, Jewish, etc. as it will make you sound bias! Keep...

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