gay marriage


This Argument has nothing to do with religion,(on my side, you may use it, if you like) as I know that many religions have different ideas about same-sex marriage. Sorry, but I cannot italicize my words for titles. Same-Sex Marriage should not be legalized because,even if same-sex marriage is legalized, it does not really change the overview opinion of everyone. It will still be seen as a wrongful practice. In the book "same-sex marriage pro and con a reader," there is an article "Sin...

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Gay Marriage Should Be Allowed


I belive gay marriage should be alllowed for simple reasons. I myself am a heterosexual man, but I believe that every person has the right to live their lives as they see fit. Not allowing gay marriage is effectively infringing upon other people's lives, and not allowing them to be with the sex that brings them fullfillment. I understand that the Bible condemns homosexuality. Understand though, that the Bible was written when the Romans and Greeks, famous for their horrible sexual practices w...

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Hulk Vs Spiderman (Hulk wins)


First of all I am going to enumerate both character's powers. The Hulk's power's are: The Hulk's most well known superhuman power is his potentially limitless physical strength. In a functionally "calm" state, the Hulk is capable of lifting roughly 100 tons. However, the Hulk's strength increases exponentially as adrenaline courses through his body during times of heightened emotional strain, particularly the emotion of anger in potentially harmful and/or life threatening situations. While in...

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The Incredible Hulk versus Spider man in a climax fight.


I have desicided to choose a more light hearted debate. I am the pro for the hulk. The hulk has always been my favorite comic character. But spider man is also pretty cool. With the hulks super strenght I would like to think that the hulk would win easily against spider man. I have looked for information on the "web" ha. To find which super power would be more usful in battle. On spider man wins the most votes of the best super hero: incredible. Ok so the size of the hulk is h...

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