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Patriotism (Nationalism) is a great thing


The point of this debate is to explore whether Patriotism is truly useful in the world and discuss the positives and negatives of it. I would like to define patriotism as a pride of your country and absolute devotion to it (you can still criticize it). Here are my points.... Patriotism creates a us vs. them attitude leading to..... -war -xenophobia -rights being taken away Patriotism is a snobby thing. -where blind faith is the only driving factor I would just like to hear why...

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Communism doesn't work? Nor does Capitalism!


Often times when I discuss communism I hear the argument "communism doesn't work!" I find that concept very interesting and in fact I think I agree with it but I want to present to you another interesting idea. Capitalism does not work. Then they go on to say, "name one successful communist country." "There are none." Recently when I got the idea and presented it to some friends. They repeated some things. "Look at the US." "The US is successful as well as Europe." "But capitalism st...

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Revenge is a Valid Justification for Use of the A-Bombs and Carpet Bombing in WW2


I often hear people who defend the use of the atomic weapon by listing the horrors that the Japanese committed and going on to state or imply that these acts deserve vengeance. I would like to prove that this is completely illogical and wrong. (To put it straight....It just pisses me off and I want to vent! lol) This logic is completely against the reasons the weapon was used and is a very hypocritical way of analyzing the U.S.'s actions. In your case TJ (Mind if I call you that?), you say...

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Soccer is the Greatest Sport


For the sake of clarity NFL Football=Football and FIFA football= Soccer. I will begin my positive arguments now.... The sheer popularity is the primary reason it is the greatest. It is played in every country and watched in every country. Football does not even come close to the same popularity. It is played and watched by all, rich or poor, young or old, Asian, Latino, white or African--It is truly played by everyone. The simple iconic nature of soccer is amazing too. The pro player...

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The Strategic Bombing and use of the A-bomb against Japan in World War 2 was Unjustified (Cont.)

stk1990 Let us continue the debate sorry about the last round I was planning to reply but a couple of issues came up and I hope people don't vote with there opinion but with the arguments a bit more this time but hell, I know my opinion is a little tough to argue. Anyway, onto the debate. "delivering vengeance to those killed at Pearl Harbor", You said you weren't in favor of revenge? and then you continue to say "while it may have been highly unfortunate and immensel...

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