The world is not the center of the universe.


Hello, padfoot36. I would like to say that I do not apreciate you copying my name. I had it first. You are obviously jelous because You also picked a hamster as your icon. Am I inspiring? Now, the earth is proven, and everybody knows it, to not be the center of the universe like you claim. This theory was believed like 400 years ago or something, but the earth revolves around the sun. Even the sun is not the center of the universe. I challenge you to say I am wrong!!!...

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Students learn more and have a more complete understanding of the subject if the lcass is Co-Ed.


As JLConservative has said in previous debates, I will make my opening statement short and sweet. I believe that it is extremely beneficial for a student to go to school Co-Ed, because the benefits definately outweigh the cons. When you have boys and girls in a classroom together, learning, there are a number of things happening. 1) The students are hearing different opinions from different genders, enhancing their discussions. 2) the TEACHER gets to hear from a number of different people....

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Tennis is the best sport in the world


Tennis is the best sport in the world, as it is the best in the group of few sports which equally strengthen your arm and leg muscles. It is better than swimming as it is much more social, and more accesible and less of a bother(getting changed, getting wet, taking a shower etc. needs to be done for swimming)/...

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