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About Me:I"m 25 years old, I have an associates degree with specialization in psychology and certifications in the accounting field. I am currently working as an accounts payable specialist as well as a restaurant manager and state notary. I am also a full-time student and only a few classes away from obtaining my bachelor"s degree in accounting & business. I am an avid traveler and have visited 10 countries and 20 US states in the last year alone. I am extremely opionated and will always fight for what I believe is right, however I will always back up my claims with evidence, facts or justifiable rationalizations. I am always open to listen to counter arguments with the upmost respect and I am willing to change my viewpoints when I have been proven wrong. I"ve joined this site in order to have productive debates and open my mind up to better understand opposing viewpoints. Cheers to a healthy debate 🍻

The Abortion Debate


I will be defending two main assertions. (1) There are good arguments that a fetus is a person and therefore has the right to live. (2) There are no comparably good arguments that a fetus is not a person and/or is able to be justifiably killed via abortion. Rather than beat a dead horse, I will wait for my opponent to present his/her argument before defending my second main assertion. For the first assertion I would first like to point out that person is a moral term. It refers t...

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Male Privilege Exists


Have fun. Be civil. You may start....

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Gay People Should Have Equal Rights As Straight People Regarding Marriage and Adoption


I"m not really expecting a debate on this subject, As I feel the majority of people support gay rights. However, The more I use the internet the more I"m surprised or even shocked at how some people view the world (this applies to extremists on both sides of the political spectrum). If anyone believes that gay people should not have the same rights as heterosexual people, Specifically in regards to marriage and adoption, I"m interested in hearing your opinions and (hopefully) engaging in a r...

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The God of the old testament is not immoral.


Richard Dawkins describes the God of the Old Testament with a bunch of very strong words. As a Christian Apologist, I have tried many times to avoid these objections but realize that it is not right of me to do so. In this debate, I will be responding to the major and some minor moral objections brought up by the New Atheists and their followers in order to show that belief in the God of the Old Testament is not the irrational, Immoral, Childish belief that Dr. Dawkins and his colleagues and fol...

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Mandatory Summer Camps for Jews & Indians


Okay. I believe that there should be mandatory summer camps for Jews and Indians. In those mandatory summer camps, they will do strenuous labor each and every day. The Jews will be sent to work in gold mines and sewage systems, and the Indians will be sent to the underground coal mines. The gold, of course, will be used for the KKK and Nazis. I'm pro, and you have 3 rounds, 3 days to prepare your counter-argument, and a max of 8000 characters. Let's begin!...

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