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Ideology:Progressive Education:High School
Party:Green Party Ethnicity:White
Relationship:Single Income:Other
Interested:in Women Occupation:Other
Looking:Friendship Religion:Atheist
About Me:I appear to have sentience with the ability to look around at my reality and think about what this all means. I appear to have been born with other people like me and we have come together to form a society which has a system of power called the "Government. I am on a tiny wet rock ball that is speeding around a burning sun and i exist in a universe with these laws, which have brought about a certain reality which i find myself in. I could be in a simulation, I could be dreaming maybe there are forces beyond this world which are beyond our comprehension but hopefully with the evolved animals that have gained sentience and i being one of them we have figured out a way to figure out how this reality works and that is called science. For Right now we live in a society and we are trapped on a existential robot life that keeps society going but its for the best... i think. It doesn't really matter, All i know is that i exist and i will take control of my own life that i was born into.
Activities:Thinking, Writing, Reading, Listening to Music, Sleeping, Learning, Love to learn more from Science and Philosophy, Traveling, Exploring, Going on Adventures, Hiking. Just being myself and being alone.
Beliefs:Im a existential and moral nihilist, I don't believe in a god but im agnostic on there being anything beyond this reality. I don't believe in free will, Transhumanist, Humanitarian, Egalitarian, Skepticism, Politically I call myself a "Green Social Tech Democrat" Meaning im a Social Democrat or a 'Democratic Socialist" with a more focused view on environmental protection and advancing science in all field's of life and making a culture that embraces science instead of rejecting it. I also carry the social democrat polices in economics that are used in Nordic Countries. I also am libertarian on issues like Drugs, Prostitution, Gambling, Privacy, Guns, Pornography, and on sex issues. I am staunchly opposed to legislated morality. i favor a non interventionist view on foreign policy and believe that cooperation and diplomacy are the way to go. I think Science and philosophy is the one of the best tools mankind has ever created in the search for truth. Religion is the drug of the mass
Books:I just read Fanfiction And much more
Movies:Don't have a exact favorite movie...
Music:Techno, Chillstep, Ambient,
Quotes:"A man can be himself only so long as he is alone, and if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom, for it is only when he is alone that he is really free."

"In the end, it's not going to matter how many breaths you took, but how many moments took your breath away"

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined".

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters"

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life".

The golden rule is that there are no golden rules.

"I like the idea that we build up these walls or rules or laws to maintain our reality, and when they fall away, you're left with a whole bunch of illusions. Smoke and mirrors".

"It's easy enough to preach morality on a full belly"

Powerful influences strive today to restore that kind of government with its doctrine that Government is best which is most indifferent.
Sports Teams:Dont have any Another Quote "How does it feel to live in such a delusion"
TV Shows:My Little Pony. I love Applejack shes my Wife!. Honestly if i could go to Equestria but to do that i would have to have this reality blow up i would do it. I guess i like it since it provides a escape from lifes BS and it just makes me happy and it has a great fandom!

Interventionism is Preferable to Isolationism


PrefaceThis debate concerns the foreign policy of the United States. I will be arguing for the stance that the U.S. should act as the world's "policeman" and be involved in foreign affairs. Con will argue for the military withdrawal of the U.S. and lack of engagement in other countries thereof.DefinitionsInterventionism - the policy or doctrine of intervening for the purposes of ending conflict, securing human rights, and stabilizing regions of unrestPreferable - desirable, betterIsola...

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Evolution is more plausible than Creationism


Hello! I plan on having on having a debate with anyone who is interested. 1st round: Acceptance 2nd round: Stating our evidence 3rd round: debunking said evidence 4th round: Conclusion Thank you and hopefully we can have a knowledgeable and fun debate! :)...

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God Most Likely Does Not Exist


I am willing to have a fun and knowledgeable debate on god's existence with anyone who is willing to have one :). First Round will be Acceptance Second Round will be presenting arguments for one's position (No refuting of the other side's points) Third Round will be refuting the arguments presented by the opposite side Fourth Round will be showing how the objections/refutation to your arguments from the opposite side are not sound or good and you would explain how. Fifth Round will be th...

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Gay Marriage should be Legal


I will be going for the position that gay marriage should be legal, I am willing to have a fun and knowledgeable debate to anyone who is willing to debate me :) First round will be acceptance of the debate Looking forward to debate :)...

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Marijuana should be legalized


I hope to have a fun and a knowledgeable debate with anyone who is willing to debate me on this issue. First round will be acceptance of the debate and the 2nd round will be the beginning arguments. Good Luck! :)...

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