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People should be allowed to wear what they want.


during the last year we have assisted an increase of anxiety over muslim dressing. this anxiety is probably justified by the surge in muslim refugees. some countries like France ruled that the face covering should be banned. in my opinion the battle over the veil is making it harder to muslim to assimilate. i support the idea that people should be allowed to wear what they want....

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Do Christians Go To Heaven When They Die?


I'd like an intellectual debate about the final destination for Christians. The traditional belief is that they go to Heaven. However, I believe differently and will use the Bible to support my claim. The Pro needs to defend the belief about going to Heaven. This debate will be 4 rounds long: Round 1 = acceptance Round 2 = stating your belief and using supporting Scripture Round 3 = rebuttals Round 4= rebuttals and summary Note: I am an ordained minister with a Th.D. from seminary. Tha...

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Deism vs Theism


Looking for a debate about which is more rationale toward the existence of God: deism or theism. I will be in the position of pro deism. Deism is defined as the belief in God based on your personal observations of nature or the cosmos. It rejects holy books and divine intervention. Theism is defined as the belief in God based on divine revelation (holy books), divine intervention, miracles, and God being active in the world. The 1st round is the acceptance round and further defining y...

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Police should be called if a person with a mental illness has a problem


Police should not be called, as police are here to enforce laws using violence, not peacefully. People with a mental illness should be consulted by a therapist. People with a mental illness would need a relaxing situation, and support; if you were to call a police officer, it would likely cause a ruckus, potentially upsetting the person. In a situation where a person with a mental illness needs help, think about what would be best for them....

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