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About Me:All you good people need to know is that I argue a lot in my spare time. So this website should be interesting for me to peruse.
Activities:Writing, Drawing (or rather doodling), singing, a bit of dancing, and even some sports... Wii sports that is. Maybe even some Swing!
Beliefs:I have no concrete belief, so I'm open to any religious conversations!
Books:Tigers curse series - Wings (by apriline pike) - Fifty Shades Trilogy - Of Poseidon series - Heat Wave Series
Movies:Beauty and the Beast - Shakespeare In Love - Monsters University
Music:Anything odd and off mainstream, but I like a mix of pop as well.... Like Paint - After Ever After
Quotes:"Fuck the Paperwork." -Christian Grey
Sports Teams:I don't prefer the popular sport people praise nowadays with superbowls and such. I mean, come on. Who would want to kick Stewie griffins head across a 100 yard field for "The Ladies"? Evil fucking spawns of Satan have feelings too ya know. I mean, you should. Most of us are practically his species.
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Washington Senior High School, Class of 2015
Pensacola, Florida, United States
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Should students leave school for lunch?


I came across this website upon doing my research for this topc: Should kids leave school for lunch?I was set in stone with cons, and here is a more pronounced one. Students who go off campus is expected to be back at a certain timem, correct? But to leave and arrive in 25 minuts would nearly always ensure they would be late and/or have to take their lunch to their classes. Not to mention how selective students may be. They might have a taste for a whataburger or wendy's across town! There would...

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