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About Me:I am a social conservative, a fiscal liberal, I am pro-European but anti-EU, I'm an environmentalist, an Anarchist, a Socialist, a voluntaryist, and a transhumanist. I support freedom of association, and I am against the War on Drugs.
Activities:Online political activism, scientific studies on race and IQ.
Beliefs:I am a weird type of Anarchist: I advocate for the abolition of the state and of currency. However, if there is to be currency, I support liberal capitalism. If currency is abolished, then I am a fiscal Anarcho-Communist. Now socially, I am very religiously conservative. However, I would be open to being a social liberal if everybody were to self-segregate into their own unique societies. Only then would I have a "live and let live" worldview, because I wouldn't have to be around groups of people that I do not like or support.
Books:The Hobbit, The Eleven American Nations
Music:The classical music of Europe, such as Beethoven and Mozart.
Quotes:"We must secure the existence of our race, and a future for White children."
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."
"We are convinced that liberty without socialism is privilege, injustice; and that socialism without liberty is slavery and brutality."
Sports Teams:Auburn! War Eagles!
TV Shows:Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Dexter

Race is a Biological and Genetic Construct caused by microevolution and segregation


Hello. I am arguing in favour of the scientific fact that race is a biological, rather than only a social, construct. Before I start, I must define some basic terms: Race: A separate group of people within a species that has obvious, heritable phonotypical variations. Species: A group of living organisms consisting of similar individuals capable of exchanging genes or interbreeding. Social Construct: Social construction is how society groups people and how it privileges certain groups o...

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Gun Laws


My position will be arguing against gun laws, addressing whether people should be allowed to buy guns at all. I would like to stay away from the Second Amendment as much as possible if possible, as I feel that that is a fall back used by some who support gun rights and would like to see what challenges can be made without it. Anything else I missed?...

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Europeans must stop the White Genocide.


Hello. Right now, there is a White Genocide that is currently plaguing the West. Most Europeans see this, and yet they do nothing, for fear of political backlash. The governments of Europeans are doing almost nothing to halt it, save maybe Russia. Currently, Europeans are only 8% of the world's population, Europeans being, in slang, "White people." Roughly 50 years ago, they used to be about 30%. The main causes behind White Genocide are: Non-White immigration, open borders, amnesty, h...

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Anarcho-Socialism/Communism is possible under certain conditions


Hello. First round is acceptance only....

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Is immigration in the UK a good thing or a bad thing?


I will be arguing the point the the arrival of immigrants to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a good thing on both a social and economical level. My opponent will be arguing against the points mentioned above. Definitions: Immigration: The movement of people from one country to another "Good thing": The benefits outweigh the drawbacks "Bad things": Vice versa...

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