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About Me:I am completely cynical about everything and everyone, including myself, and I say what I see, and I say what I think is the truth, and if you have a problem with my ideas, please make that clear, and maybe we can talk about it.
Beliefs:I believe that age matters squat in the world, its what people know that counts. For instance, I am not really 58 years old, I am a teenager who gets enjoyment from saying he is forty five years older than he actually is, and who also enjoys writing like he is older than he actually is, to see how many people like it before they see his real age, which seems to change all opinions these days.
Quotes:"My lord, what fools these mortals be!" A Midsummers Night Dream
"This above all; To thine own self be true" Hamlet
"Et tu, Brute!" Julius Caesar
Yale University, Graduate Class of 1987
New Haven, Connecticut, United States
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my trans plants have been sprayed with some kind of poison and i dont know what to do


This is not realy a debate but more of a kind of question, my fathers trans plants all started to die the other day and it was easy to tell they were sprayed with something. im not sure wether to take legal action or to re grow them. these plants make him a fair sum of money and i am looking for advice. My dads realy deppresed about it, we think we know who it is. We think its a man who has sorta lost it, he is getting revenge on anyone who ever did him wrong. We tried to get him mental help...

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Non-profit corporations in the developing world should focus on female education


Resolution:Non-profit corporations in the developing world should not focus on female education First Round: acceptance and key definitions.Second Round 4 steps to change and rubuttal.Third summary and final comments.Good Luck to my opponent......

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