Was Batman v Superman a good movie?


I have come across many different opinions on this movie. I am one of those people who believe this movie was actually good. But, I would like to go by the ultimate edition of the movie. The theatrical version was indeed a mess. That being said, let's go. Round one is acceptance. Round two is arguments (for/against. Duh.) Round three is rebuttal....

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America should divide it's policy to fit with the ideals of individual Counties


After watching the recent election, this idea for a new political system has come to mind. I want to throw it into the open and see if it can be picked apart as an inefficient system. So as I was watching, I see the large state maps that are divided into counties, each of which are colored red or blue. I thought, "What if we employed conservative ideals in the red counties and liberal ideals in the blue counties?" Of course, there would be limitations, but say the people of a county go to a a...

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Updated 4 Years Ago

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