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Quotes:"The most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible"- Albert Einstein
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Are the laws of the Old Testament still binding to a christian?


Are the laws of the Old Testament still binding to a christian? Yes, They are binding forever. Yes. Thus jesus is false, Christianity is false, The NT is false. The laws are an everlasting covenant, For a thousand generations, Always and forever. That means that nobody, Especially a piddling little squalor of a sideman's arm of god, Namely christ can change them. Not for any reason. Not ever. * The law of the Lord is perfect, Converting the soul: the testimony of the Lord is sure, Making wise th...

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Why fear death? Atheists don't in comparison to those who are religious, Especially christians


ALL religions known except for one have a so-called above world, Namely a "heaven". See, Me as an atheist, I never fear death. There's no need. There's no requirement. But those who are religious do, Especially christians in comparison to atheists. Why is this so? One would figure that since a christian's life here on earth, Especially if it's been filled with nothing but pain, Suffering and depression, That someone would most certainly want to commit suicide and spend an eternity with their hea...

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The Genesis Chapter 1 of the Bible is mere nonsense


How could God do something that completely contradicts how the universe work? I understand that God is all-mighty but ok, Light and darkness are not together, Ever, And earth is not created in 6 days, And Humans are not created one day after the dinosaurs. God, At that time, Was seen that darkness in the sky---emptiness, Vacuum--- was solid and separable. There are darkness in light( which is not possible, Consider darkness is the absence of light, Which wouldn't be possible with light)....

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Does the Cosmological argument prove that God exists?


We'll start off by establishing a two things: -There is no evidence to suggest that the Universe itself exists separately from Matter -There are virtually no cosmologists who believe that the material universe is infinite Now then, Onto the argument: All material things are bound by time. This is a virtually undisputed fact, Recognized by most modern scientists today. Nothing that is bound by time can be infinite, Due to the (rather obvious) law of entropy, Which states that all things t...

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