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About Me:three cheers to commonality amongst the people, and 3 cheers towards beer. Go Dolphins and thank god for Science (figure of speech, pssh god).
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Beliefs:N/A as far as religions. Though i belief in truth and justice for all (except economists and communications majors that try to say there the best at chemistry.... damn you). Learning is the greatest sort of pleasure one can have outside of personal relationships and success.
Books:The Longevity Seekers, The Origin of Species, A moment in Time, The death of Ivan Illich, Brian Greene's awesome novellas, the Astonishing Hypothesis, crime and punishment, The theory of the Multiverse, and last but surely not least The Hot Zone.
Movies:The Prestige, South Park : Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.,
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On the Topic of Free-will, Surely in a scientific world must not exist!


I would like to start off by saying that this is truly the greatest question ever known to all subject matter (Science, Philosophy, Religion, Mathematics, Robotics, Politics, and of course You and Me). To begin on what level do we as individuals justify the existence of free will. Is because of conscious perceptions we have in the day to day choices and decisions we make, or is it because of the creativity of mankind that we believe we are the forgers of our own destiny's? My argument thus b...

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Information technology and its impact to our lives


We do not receive physical salary checks anymore; we can see on our computers if our salary has been credited to our bank account. Between several hundred employees, over a year, surely a tree must have been saved. For the first time this year, the sale of digital cameras will overtake that of film cameras in the US. An entire middleman " the film developer will be soon extinct. CD-ROMs for 18-month olds are now in the market. My 19-month old daughter loves to bang away on the keyboard, and he...

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The United Nations should intervene militarily in Syria


Thank you to whoever accepts this debate, as it is my first, and I wish you good luck. I believe that the United Nations (UN) should intervene militarily in Syria for various reasons. Primarily in that regardless of the knowledge that Assad has agreed to and I believe completed the handover of chemical weapons. Assad has used these chemical weapons, which is a breach of "Chemical Weapons Convention" (CWC) which came into force in 1997. Worse than this, Assad used these chemical weapons on civ...

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There is life after death.


I am an atheist. I am a scitic, animic, and moral nihilist. The base assumptions of this debate are 1. Contradiction is impossible. 2. I exist and am alive. 3. I am the same person as I have been since I have been born. I will begin by considering what makes me the same person as the person who existed in my body ten years ago. We have exactly two things in common. 1) common experiences/memories. 2) common DNA. But, I also share those things to a lesser or greater extent with my family, with...

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