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About Me:Philosophically, I am an Objectivist (I subscribe to Ayn Rand's philosophy). Professionally I am a computer programmer. My hobbies include jazz and classical music, water sports, and on the family front: Montessori and education of children (my son is 1-year old).
Books:Anything by Ayn Rand; War and Peace, Crime and Punishment, The Three Musketeers.
Movies:Any movie involving Kevin Spacey or Al Pacino, because they show the character up close. I do not necessarily agree with the movie's philosophy. I also like Hollywood action movies.
Quotes:"You can avoid reality, but you can not avoid the consequences of avoiding reality" -- Ayn Rand
"Before you can say 'I love you', you must be able to the 'I'" -- Ayn Rand
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God does not exist as anything but myth


God does not exist as anything but myth. As myth, the God concept servers for literary purposes, as a fictional character in a fable. But metaphysically, in reality, God does not exist. He does not exist for several reasons, all of which boil down to the fact that God is a contradictory concept, and therefore is an invalid concept. Please note that by reality I mean everything that exists, the whole universe. This includes material things, and immaterial things such as consciousness, and...

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God definitely does not exist, and the agnostic view is wrong.


God is claimed to be a supernatural being, not merely an alien being from another planet who is powerful. Supernatural means beyond nature. But nature is all of existence, which places God outside of existence, which is impossible. Therefore the concept of God is invalid, because it leads to a contradiction. Everything that exists is part of existence, and therefore is natural. I will debate any Agnostic who grants that God may exist, but no evidence has been provided....

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Unregulated Capitalism is a moral system, and is perfect as it is


Many people support are pro capitalism with the proviso "it's not perfect but it works", and that it should be regulated. I claim on the contrary that laissez-faire capitalism, unregulated capitalism, is perfect, and is the best political system. And that there should be no regulation whatsoever. No ECC, FDA, FED etc. And no anti-trust laws. There should be only three things that are responsibilities of the government: the army, the police, and a judicial system. My argument is simple:...

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The government should not run schools, all schools should be private.


Just as food is not provided for free, yet is a necessity for life which must be earned by parents to feed their child, the same should apply to education. From the financial aspect, not all private schools would be expensive, just like not all grocery stores are expensive. Schools in poorer neighbourhoods would cost less, the price being set proportionately by Free Market. Cheaper schools will not have fancy facilities but still can provide good instruction. Education only requires enthusias...

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